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 The Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: The Code of Conduct   The Code of Conduct I_icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 2:30 pm

Rules and Regulations for the Noxcaeli Galaxy

  1. Create and Collaborate
    First and foremost, the purpose of the Noxcaeli Galaxy is not merely to serve as a “Future Technology,” roleplaying region for NationStates, but to serve as a foundation for a collaborative, creative, and original community of writers, artists, and creators. Even so, Noxcaeli is not a “closed group” somehow separate from the overall “Future Technology” community of NationStates; it was not intended to be such, and its members will continue to be able to interact with the overall community at large, much like any other roleplaying region.

  2. By Noxcaeli – For Noxcaeli
    The Noxcaeli Galaxy forum is for members of the region, ultimately; if you are not a member of the region, you do not have an inalienable right to participate in discussions on this board. If you are not a member of the region and do choose to post, understand that you may be deleted and removed from the board at the leisure of the Staff.

    Also, remember that as a user – regardless of member status – your conduct does not merely reflect upon yourself, but also your region, friends, and associates; be of great care, especially if you are a member of a prominent or well-known region, to try and conduct yourself in a mature, professional, and polite manner.

  3. To Be Noxcaelic Is a Privilege
    Have some pride, but don't be arrogant. The Noxcaeli Galaxy is, currently, a small, but growing region placing emphasis on regional and interregional cooperation and collaboration – particularly in “world building” (or “galaxy building”), or the constructing of a unified, regional “mythos.” Due to this – in accompaniment with the standards for admission – the Noxcaeli Galaxy is quite different from most roleplaying regions. Remember to be polite and mature whenever possible, but don't sit on a high-horse. Ultimately, this is a part of a game – nothing more than an exalted hobby.

    Even so, remember that being a part of any region is a privilege, not a right; if at any time your presence is determined to be detrimental to the region as a whole, the Staff may choose to eject you executively through a unanimous vote; punitive ejections may occur in instances of grievous violations of the Code of Conduct by a majority vote of the regional members. Banishments are always decided by the Staff.

  4. The Forerunners – A Regional Steering Committee
    The Forerunners of the Noxcaeli Galaxy are not a faction or alliance, but are literally “those who created first”: they are the five, collaborative founders of the region. This includes: the Vycan Consortium (Kyrusia), Vaalshyn Azura (New Azura), The Kalhr (Aldarminia), Kaskryn (Ikruchystan), and Asiladan. The primary purpose of the Forerunners is to administrate the region, serve as the primary representatives to the region, administrate the forum, and serve as a sort of “steering committee” to the region, guiding and assisting the regional members in their creative process.

  5. Unique Admissions
    To be admitted as a member of the Noxcaeli Galaxy, applicants pass through a two-tier voting process. First, after an application is submitted, the application is reviewed by the Staff; the Staff must approve the application for general vote by a simple majority (3/5th) in no more than seven, consecutive days.

    After a successful application has completed this tier, the applicant goes to vote by the region as a whole. During this process, an applicant has fourteen days to receive a simple majority of active users – an amount that is declared at the beginning of each voting cycle.

    If a user passes both tiers, they become a member of the region. If an applicant fails to pass either tier, they may resubmit an application after sixty-days, or after an amount of time determined by the Staff for administrative purposes.

  6. Cartographic Regulations
    During the application process, potential members are requested to make a graphical claim on the map of the Noxcaeli Galaxy. Potential users are permitted to claim any three cartographic marks (spare “Anomalies”) upon their initial submission; this is to mean that a potential member may claim three stellar systems, three planets, three stations, three points of interest, or any combination of, but not to exceed three icons in total.

    Stellar systems may be as massive or minute as the user desires In-Character, but the icon size will remain the same.

    “Anomalies,” however, cannot be claimed; “anomalies” that are indicated on the map are considered “open source.” Smaller anomalies may be added as a part of the “Noxcaelic Mythos” as you see fit, but will not be indicated on the map. To have an anomaly indicated, you must first complete the corresponding application form and create a poll for the anomaly; upon majority approval by the region, the anomaly will be added to the map as a neutral, “open source” location that any user may utilize insofar as their use is confined to the original description of the anomaly in the application, so be descriptive.

  7. This Is Not Noxchan
    Refrain from flaming, flame-baiting, griefing, spamming, and/or trolling on the Noxcaeli Galaxy forums. If you feel the need to do such, please restrict such postings to the appropriate board.

  8. Keep the Channels Open
    Members of the Noxcaeli Galaxy are strongly encouraged to maintain a presence on the EsperNet IRC Channel for the region, which can be found here – or by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page. While a daily presence, for any period of time, is most beneficial, visiting the channel at least once a week is strongly advised. If, for whatever reason, such is not feasible or you do not understand how to access IRC, please feel free to send a private message or telegram to a staff member.

  9. Originality Is Paramount
    While, no doubt, every creator takes inspiration from something, the Noxcaeli Galaxy is unique amongst “Future Technology” regions – and most regions, as a whole – in that all player-created entities (“nations”) must be original. That is not to say that influences and inspirations from contemporary and historical sources (be it reality, literature, gaming, music, film, etc.) is forbidden, but that each “nation” must be an original creation of the user. This means that the “Galactic Republic” (Star Wars), the “United Federation of Planets” (Star Trek), the “Ringworld” (Ringworld by Larry Niven), the “Covenant” (Halo franchise), and other such previously-created entities are forbidden. Strive to create and reference, not unabashedly rip and plagiarize.

  10. We Create for Enjoyment
    Remember: the whole purpose of the game NationStates is to write and roleplay in order to have fun. It is not a competition, it is a mutual exercise in creativity, collaboration, and compromise in order to make a full, flourishing community and user-friendly environment. If you find yourself being derisive, cynical, or caustically argumentative, take a breath, step back from the terminal, and go take a break. There is no reason to fume over difficulties. Enjoy yourself, have fun, and create.

  11. Promulgation of Conduct
    New rules and regulations to the Code of Conduct may be promulgated and ratified through two processes: a suggestion by a regional member that is seconded and then put to vote, succeeding with a simple majority, which must then be passed by the Staff by a simple majority; or, the Staff may administratively amend the Code of Conduct by unanimous vote.

    No “Founding Rule or Regulation” (e.g. a rule created upon conception of the region) may be repealed, only amended, by any process; rules or regulations added after the region's conception may be amended or repealed in their entirety or in part.
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The Code of Conduct
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