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 The Application for the Noxcaeli Galaxy

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The Application for the Noxcaeli Galaxy Empty
PostSubject: The Application for the Noxcaeli Galaxy   The Application for the Noxcaeli Galaxy I_icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 3:08 pm

The Application for the Noxcaeli Galaxy
The Appropriate Code to Be Use by All Applicants

Welcome to the Noxcaeli Galaxy off-site forum!

Are you wishing to become a member? If so, please remember to read the Code of Conduct and to stop-by the Map of the Noxcaeli Galaxy in order to grab the appropriate graphic to make claims. After doing such, please utilize the application format provided below and create a new thread for the voting process to begin.

Do not create a poll, merely a thread, as the voting process is public and functions under a two-tier system as indicated within the Code of Conduct.

Remember: the first tier of the process (vote by the Staff) will take no more than seven days. The final vote by the members of the Noxcaeli Galaxy, as a whole, may take no more than fourteen days. If, during any time of this process, your application is denied, you may re-submit an application after a mandatory sixty-day waiting period.

Thank you, and good luck!

• [b]Nation Name (Gameplay):[/b] [i][/i]
• [b]National Population (Gameplay):[/b] [i][/i]
• [b]Technological Level:[/b] [i][/i]
• [b]NationStates Join Date:[/b] [i][/i]
— [b]Join Date for Applying Nation:[/b] [i][/i]
• [b]Forum Post Count:[/b]

• [b]National Name (Long):[/b] [i][/i]
— [b]National Name (Short):[/b] [i][/i]
• [b]Roleplaying Population:[/b] [i][/i]
• [b]Nation Type:[/b] [i](confederation, federation, unitary state, etc.)[/i]
• [b]Government Type:[/b] [i](parliamentary democracy, presidential republic, etc.)[/i]
• [b]Is the Nation Currently a Member of Any Alliances/Organizations?:[/b] [i]”Yes” or “No”[/i]
— [b]List if “Yes”:[/b] [i][/i]
• [b]Does the Nation Currently Have Any “Colonial Puppets”?:[/b] [I]”Yes” or “No” (puppet accounts which are colonies)[/i]
— [b]List if “Yes”:[/b] [i][/i]

• [b]Years Roleplaying on NationStates:[/b] [i][/i]
• [b]Is the User a Member of Any “Mentoring” Program(s)?:[/b] [i]”Yes” or “No”[/i]
— [b]List if “Yes”:[/b] [i][/i]
• [b]Roleplaying Examples:[/b]
— · [MANDATORY EXAMPLE: Example Using Applying Nation]
— · [MANDATORY EXAMPLE: Any Nation/Entity]
— · [MANDATORY EXAMPLE: Any Nation/Entity]

• [b]Desired Map Claim:[/b] [i][url=]Map Claim[/url] (May be adjusted.)[/i]
• [b]Desired Claim Color:[/b] [i][/i]

• [b]Has the User Ever Received a Warning from the NationStates' Moderation Staff?:[/b] [i]”Yes” or “No”[/i]
• [b]Has the User Ever Had an Account Deleted?:[/b] [i]”Yes” or “No”[/i]
• [b]Has the User Ever Been Declared “Delete on Sight”?:[/b] [i]”Yes” or “No”[/i]

[i]By completing this application, I, ([nation name]), hereby agree to the Code of Conduct, the Terms and Conditions of the Noxcaelic Galaxy off-site forum, and the Terms and Conditions of the NationStates Forums. I hereby agree to attempt to collaborate with my fellow region members, attempt to grow the region in prestige and membership, and to attempt to maintain the peace in all Out-of-Character circumstances in the region. I hereby agree to register to the Noxcaeli Galaxy off-site forum and make an attempt to remain active. By completing this application, I understand that if I do not maintain activity, after sixty (60) days, my claim on the Map of the Noxcaeli may be revoked; I, furthermore, understand that if the Noxcaelic Staff or Noxcaelic regional members, as a whole, determine that I am not contributing, my claim may be revoked administratively.

By indicating the following, I hereby agree to all such terms.[/i]

[b]Does the User Agree to All Terms Stipulated Above?:[/b] [i]”Yes” or “No”[/i]
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The Application for the Noxcaeli Galaxy
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