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 Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE]

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Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE] Empty
PostSubject: Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE]   Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE] I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 06, 2012 2:22 am

Nation Name (Gameplay): Drothica
National Population (Gameplay): 277,000,000
Technological Level: PMT/FT
NationStates Join Date: Apr 15, 2010
Join Date for Applying Nation: July,9th 2012
Forum Post Count: 1214 [Including all of my various accounts]

National Name (Long): The Khyrinian Colonial State of Drothica
National Name (Short): Drothica
Roleplaying Population: 1.6 Billion
Nation Type: Unitary State
Government Type: Statocratic Meritocracy
Is the Nation Currently a Member of Any Alliances/Organizations?: No
Does the Nation Currently Have Any “Colonial Puppets”?: No

Years Roleplaying on NationStates: 2
Is the User a Member of Any “Mentoring” Program(s)?: No
Roleplaying Examples:
— · A New Dawn [Closed; TG to Enter]
— · Twin Moons Rising[P/MT, Open]
— · Gearrian Civil War

Desired Map Claim: N/A
Desired Claim Color: N/A

Has the User Ever Received a Warning from the NationStates' Moderation Staff?: Yes
Has the User Ever Had an Account Deleted?: Yes
Has the User Ever Been Declared “Delete on Sight”?: No

By completing this application, I, Drothica, hereby agree to the Code of Conduct, the Terms and Conditions of the Noxcaelic Galaxy off-site forum, and the Terms and Conditions of the NationStates Forums. I hereby agree to attempt to collaborate with my fellow region members, attempt to grow the region in prestige and membership, and to attempt to maintain the peace in all Out-of-Character circumstances in the region. I hereby agree to register to the Noxcaeli Galaxy off-site forum and make an attempt to remain active. By completing this application, I understand that if I do not maintain activity, after sixty (60) days, my claim on the Map of the Noxcaeli may be revoked; I, furthermore, understand that if the Noxcaelic Staff or Noxcaelic regional members, as a whole, determine that I am not contributing, my claim may be revoked administratively.

By indicating the following, I hereby agree to all such terms.

Does the User Agree to All Terms Stipulated Above?: Yes
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Vycan Consortium
Vycan Consortium

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Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE]   Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE] I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 07, 2012 4:58 pm


The Noxcaeli Galaxy, first and foremost, is an open (and open-minded) community of individuals - artists, writers, theorists, etc. - who pride their capability to cohesively and collaboratively interact with one another in most things. The region/community prides itself on an expanding and growing degree of historical cohesion and entity intermingling that has created a unique and diverse environment with an in-built history and galactic culture.

Due to this, we pride ourselves on selection and allowing entry to individuals from various roleplaying backgrounds - be it MT, FT, PMT, etc. - and allowing them to spread their wings in a community that is open and connected directly to the greater FT community at large, but also places more emphasis on world-building and collaboration than the MWG does at-large. As a source of this, we are very careful as to whom we permit entry. Our application process is extensive and dual-tiered to insure that not merely the Steering Committee (the Forerunners) must first approve an application (the process you are currently undergoing) but also a General Vote, allowing the members of the region at large the right to give their opinions and vote as to an applicant's entry.

As I am sure you have already read the Code of Conduct, you know that failure to pass either processes results in an application lock-out from the closing of that process for sixty days. Meaning if a process ends without the potential applicant to gaining entry, they cannot apply again for sixty days.

With that in mind, most of us are familiar with you or have directly interacted with you in the past. Some of us may, in truth, even have had conflicts with you in the past.

This brings me to my point of concern.

The Noxcaeli Galaxy does not merely want individuals who can write and create, but individuals who can cohesively merge into the Out-of-Character culture of the region and function there without conflict. Several of us, in the past, have had conflicts with you of an O.O.C. nature - myself included. While most of those have been settled, it is of my opinion that they still need to be brought-up due to this application. Personally, it is of my belief that the player behind North Defese is largely to blame for prior conflicts with you, and that, ultimately, his influence is largely poisonous and detrimental to any given situation and setting he is in - which is why his entry to the Nox was denied.

Due to the openness of this community, I have no problem stating that I do have some trepidation in regard to your entry into the region insofar as your capabilities to mesh with the O.O.C. environment of the region without potential conflict; however, since it is of my opinion that your presence in a region with Defese is largely to blame for this, and considering his lack of presence here, I can set that trepidation aside - for the time.

As such, I am voting a tentative AYE for this application.

Understand that this is purely to allow your application to go to a General Vote. It will ultimately, if you pass this process, be up to the members of this fine and outstanding community to determine whether or not you will gain entrance. Furthermore, while I may believe that a large part of the conflicts you and users have had in the past are due to a poisonous presence and a largely detrimental environment, and that given a beneficial and nurturing environment, such will not be a problem, my opinion may not coincide with the Forerunners at large.

They are all their own players and are merely asked to vote according to their conscience. Even so, as stated above, I will vote AYE and wish you good luck in the overall application process. Look forward to potentially seeing the Droth interact with the Noxcaelites at large in the near future.

Overseer V.C.
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Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE]   Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE] I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 09, 2012 3:22 pm



In ur solar systemz, crackin ur planets and smithin ur stars. Bettah hide yo kids and hide yo wife 'cuz Asiladan is climbin ur Galaxy armz and snatchin yo people up!
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Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE]   Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE] I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 10, 2012 7:28 pm



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Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE]   Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE] I_icon_minitime

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Droth's Application [FRA] - [VOTE]
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